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Looking for solar panel maintenance in CA? You’re in the right place! Over the last decade, the solar industry has boomed as technological advances continue to make renewable power more affordable for homes and businesses across California. Not only are solar panels cheaper to install than before, but they are also increasingly effective at generating energy. Plus, solar panel repair and maintenance take a minimal toll compared to other energy sources.


What are Solar Panels?

Solar panels are usually flat, rectangular sheets made of photovoltaic cells sandwiched between layers of semiconducting materials like silicone. Each layer comprises various electronic components that are energized by sunlight, converting solar energy into electricity. The direct current (DC) of electricity that solar panels produce is converted into alternating current (AC) via a converter, which can either be used in your home or business or passed back to the national grid.

California is the number one state for solar power in the U.S., and around 1.5 million homes, schools, and small businesses in the Golden State have rooftop solar systems installed. Installing solar panels represents an opportunity to make considerable cost savings on utility bills and earn tax credits via one of the California solar energy buy back incentives. But, before you commit to investing, you’ll likely have questions about solar repair services and maintenance.

What is Solar Panel Maintenance?

With the increase in solar panel usage, it’s no surprise that internet searches for solar panel maintenance in CA are also on the rise. But before you reach for your phone and start Googling “solar panel repair near me”, let us fill you in on the basics.

Are Solar Panels High Maintenance?

In short, no. Most property owners are pleasantly surprised to learn that solar repair in California is easy to arrange and relatively inexpensive. A solar panel has no moving parts, meaning maintenance is minimal. Additionally, when you choose an experienced and knowledgeable solar developer like A&G Electric for your design and installation, you’ll get a system that should run for years without needing to make regular calls for solar panel repair services.

Will Weather Affect Solar Panels?

While clouds, rain, and snow can minimize the amount of sunlight that reaches your system and temporarily decrease each solar panel’s production power, actual weather damage is rare. Manufacturers consider all kinds of inclement weather in their designs. So, short of a build-up of debris, leaves, or a tree falling onto your roof in high winds, solar panel maintenance in CA is usually limited to basic standard upkeep.

Benefits of Professional Solar Panel Maintenance

Investing in solar panel maintenance services keep your panels in tip-top condition, meaning they will perform at optimum levels for longer and the entire lifespan of your solar system will be extended. Depending on where in the state you live, your requirements for solar panel maintenance services will be different. For example, if you live somewhere particularly dusty and windy, your panels may not receive sufficient cleaning from the elements alone. Conversely, if you live by the coast, you’ll need cleaning services to safely remove the sticky film left by the salty sea air.

How to Find Reliable Solar Panel Maintenance Near Me

When it comes to solar panel repair, California residents sometimes feel spoiled for choice. However, we’d advise against settling for the one at the top of a ‘solar repair near me’ online search. Instead, look for a company with a longstanding reputation and plenty of experience. It’s always a good idea to read online reviews, and if you can check out some of their prior work, that’s always a bonus too.

How Often Do I Need Solar Panel Maintenance?

Provided your panels are working properly, they shouldn’t need much additional maintenance other than regular cleaning and an annual inspection. The only significant maintenance costs you’re likely to encounter is replacing the inverter, which is typically only required every 10-15 years. However, despite being low maintenance, we can’t stress enough how important regular cleaning is.

The Importance of Keeping Solar Panels Clean

The cleaner you keep your solar panels, the higher your energy output will be. Without regular cleaning, the dirt, debris, leaves, and bird droppings that will invariably cover them to some degree will prevent each panel from converting the maximum amount of solar energy – especially if you live in an area that receives minimal rainfall.

Regular panel cleaning optimizes energy efficiency and can extend the lifespan of your entire solar system because dirty and stained panels have to work harder and won’t last as long. So, keeping your panels in good condition is the best way to get the maximum return on your solar investment.

What Should I Do if I Need Solar Panel Repair Services?

It’s possible to keep solar panels clean yourself, provided that you exercise caution. However, it’s always best to consult a qualified professional if you’re unsure. Many solar panels come with warranties that become void if you attempt your own DIY. A&G Electric is a fully licensed solar cleaning company . We can also conduct installations and solar repair in California, so you know your solar system will always be in safe hands with us.

How Can I Get Solar Power Maintenance in CA?

Because we’re experienced in all manner of solar maintenance, repair, electrical control, wiring, and lighting systems, A&G Electric should be your first port of call if you spot any of the following issues with your solar panel system:

  1. Corrosion
  2. Microcracks
  3. Faulty electrics
  4. Hot spots
  5. Potential induced degradation (PID)
  6. Roof issues

Our high-quality, affordable, and reliable services are backed by 20 years of industry experience in installation and solar panel repair. California residents can be assured of the quality of our work because we never have problems passing inspection. Plus, we take pride in always leaving our clients happy because repeat business and word of mouth is our driving force.

Our Solar Panel Services

A & G Electric is a small, family-owned business offering comprehensive services, including full design and installation services, as well as solar panel repair and maintenance. Our systems save many Californians around $200 on their monthly power bill, and our work comes with a 20-year warranty on solar panels and a 10-year warranty on electrical work.

Our Solar and Battery Install and Design Process

Over the two decades we’ve been operating, we’ve refined the process of designing, installing, and maintaining perfect solar systems for California homes and businesses. Each project is bespoke and tailor-made to suit:

  1. The space you have to work with.
  2. Your average electricity consumption.
  3. The light and shade your roof receives throughout each day and season.

Meet Our Team

We are committed to creating a future in which solar energy and storage solutions form the building blocks of a sustainable economy that benefits everyone. A & G Electric is proud to support the local economy by hiring only the very best local experts for our team rather than using national companies. Yet, we can still compete with any price on a national level.

Let Us Handle Your Solar and Battery Installation and Design

Look no further for your trusted partner in design, installation, and solar panel maintenance in CA. At A&G Electric, we understand that starting your solar energy journey can feel complex. That’s why our dedicated professionals are on hand to provide you with a comprehensive solar consultation and a free estimate to ensure your project goes smoothly and achieves optimum results. Contact us today for your free quote from one of our California experts.

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